Our efforts in agribusiness already yielding results – Oyo Govt

There is no doubt that the efforts of Oyo State government in agribusiness is already yielding positive results through increment of internal generated revenue and job creation opportunities through investment in agriculture.

Executive Adviser to Governor Seyi Makinde on Agribusiness, Dr. Debo Akande said this while receiving a team of diary milk company on facility tour at Fashola farm, Oyo to set up a milk collection center through dairy livestock farming within the facility.

Speaking with newsmen after the tour, Dr Akande, who also doubles as the Director General of Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA) said there would be a manifestation of modern approach in livestock and dairy production within particular facility.

He explained that the state was making money from the farm as it was not giving free to milk investor company and other investors noting that they were using the farm on lease.

Dr Akande also used the opportunity of the tour to address the beneficiaries of the state Youth Entrepreneurship In Agribusiness Project (YEAP) who have already cultivated up to 45% of the hundred hectares of land allocated to them, charging them to continue working with such energy to boost food security and help themselves.

Dr Debo Akande with some stakeholders during the inspection tour

He commended them for the level of consistence and commitment shown to their jobs.

We have said that this is going to be private sector-driven, and in so doing we are attracting the investors that have the capability to run the hub, Fasola Farm was actually known for livestock farming for many years and the work we’ve been doing in terms of livestock has created impact across the whole part of the state, so what we are doing now is to bring back the glory of the past but in a different way.”

What our milk collection partner investor are known for is dairy and livestock, so we will be seeing a manifestation of modern approach in livestock and dairy production within this particular facility that we have and to me I think that is quite significant.” Akande said.

They have already paid, and they will be paying annually for the next twenty years, and this is not limited only to our milk collection partner but also to other investors here, all of them are here on lease, government is going to generate chunk of their lease at the first year and also be generating lease payment for the next twenty years from all these private companies, that is part one of the revenue.”

The part two of it is that they will also be paying taxes at different points or the other, and part three is that they will be employing quite a lot of our people within the state that have the skills set to work within that particular location and part four is that we have something to show other investors what we have in stock to come and see, so if we said we are opening up another area they already see the possibility, so with all these I see this as a big win for Oyo State”.

Beyond that as well, we will also be engaging in the issue of milk production here, we will be engaging our youths in milk production and that is going to be a whole dairy and livestock value chain that we will be scaling within this particular location. This is not what government has responsibility to do, as you normally hear our governor saying that there is no business of government in business and that is the reality of what we have seen here today.” Akande said.

Iyabo Adebisi

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