Two boys identified as brothers, Finlay Butler and Samuel Butler were among the four who fell into icy Babbs Mill Lake, in Kingshurst, Solihull, Birmingham on Sunday.

According to the report, the Butler brothers also had their cousin, Thomas Stewart in the frozen lake while the fourth boy, Jack Jackson was their friend.

It was reported on Monday that three British boys were discovered dead in the lake while the fourth boy rushed to the hospital was in a critical stage.

West Midlands Police, however, confirmed yesterday that the fourth boy gave up the ghost in the hospital on Wednesday.

The kids whose lifeless bodies were retrieved on Monday were 8-year-old Finlay, his cousin, 11-year-old Thomas and 10-year-old Jack. The six-year-old Samuel died three days later in the hospital.   

Authorities revealed that Jack was a friend to the Butler boys and their cousin, Thomas in the incident that happened 160 kilometres near London.

The neighbourhood has been thrown into mourning since then as family and friends keep sending condolences to their parents.

West Midlands Police released a statement from the parents of Thomas, Finlay and Samuel, thanking emergency responders for their efforts and asking the media for privacy as they began to grieve. 

“As a family, we are devastated at the loss of our beautiful boys Tom, Fin and Sam in such tragic circumstances,” the statement read.

“This is a tragedy beyond words and grief that is unimaginable for the families and friends of the boys.

“The support from the community has been overwhelming, not just for the bereaved families, but also for the emergency services, for which we are extremely grateful.”

Thomas’s older brother was also quoted in the police statement, writing: “Thomas was such a lively little soul, he had a big heart for such a young kid and he was so beautiful.

Vanguard / Titilayo Kupoliyi

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