A volunteer advocate of peace group, which is known as “Vote Not Fight Oyo State Team”, has expressed its grave concern and condemnation of the recent killing of a member of PDP, Mr Mudashiru Baraka at Oyo Town.

According to the team, the tragic event is a great loss not only for PDP, family and loved ones, but, also for the entire state.

The team however, condemned the use of violence and intimidation to silence political opposition and suppress democratic ideals, saying, such actions have no place in a free and democratic society.

“Vote Not Fight as a team stands for the promotion of peace before, during and after election process in Oyo state” .

“We believe that election in our state should not cause any violence that will necessitate the killing of contestants or party supporters” .

“We therefore condemn in its strongest term the killing of the PDP member who died on the 28th December 2022. He was allegedly killed by political thugs. For us, we believe that election can be free and fair devoid of violence or war” .

“Once again, remember, election no be war” .

The Vote not Fight Oyo State Team therefore appealed to every individual in the state to let peace be their watchword at all time.

It would be recalled that, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Mr Mudashuru Baraka was allegedly killed by rival political thugs last Wednesday morning in Oyo town.

Taiwo Akinola.


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