By Titilayo Kupoliyi

Barely 72 hours before the expiration of the old naira notes for transactions in the country, most of the banks are yet to load their ATMs with the new notes.

A visit to some banks along Ring Road axis showed that most ATM machines were not dispensing while the only one dispensing had an uncontrollable number of people.

Though, the banks were opened for business as directed by CBN, but are yet to load their ATM machines with the new notes.

Frustration was seen on the faces of both bank staff and customers, who appeared stressed as a result of the number of people requiring their attention, while the customers at the ATM were not sure it would get to their turn before the naira notes get exhausted.

Also, some customers could not withstand the crowd where the ATMs were dispensing, leaving the bank disappointed without collecting money.

Meanwhile, some business owners have started rejecting the old notes from customers leaving many stranded for the weekend.

The situation is breeding chaotic scenes at bank ATMs, as evidenced by this scene at a bank in Ibadan

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