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Preparing for School Resumption

Education is a legacy which every good parent should give to their children.

Indeed, that time of the year is here again, a period where educational institutions resume for a new academic session to develop minds in the quest for knowledge.

The three weeks holiday is over, stakeholders including government, parents, guardians, teachers, caregivers and pupils have strategize for the next session.

The fact remains that while some children are ready for a new term of academic exercise, some are not.

Now that academic work have commenced, students should realize that for them to record success this session, they need to focus more on their studies and always remember that they are in school for a reason.

Students should know that their teachers are there to help them excel and they should not see their teachers as enemies rather they should tap from their wealth of knowledge.

The adoption of modern methods of teaching should be embraced as this will improve the quality of teaching and learning.

There is urgent need for school management to empower the Guidance and Counselling Unit in schools to guide students in their chosen career, give necessary advice and impact knowledge on them.

The role of government in providing qualitative education cannot be underestimated, political office holders should therefore be alive to their electioneering campaigns by ensuring that every Nigerian has access to good education.

Furthermore, government at all levels should bridge the quality gap between public and private schools by providing basic infrastructure that would aid proper teaching and encourage learning.

The school environment should be conducive for learning as this would aid assimilation.

Of paramount importance is the prompt payment of teachers’ salaries and other fringe benefits as this will enhance teaching and aid better delivery from them.

Parents should also monitor the kind of friends their children keep as “evil company corrupt good manners”.

“Spare the rod and spoil the child” goes an adage, parents should correct their children and assist them when they need help.

International organizations, non-governmental organizations, religious bodies should see provision of good education as a collective responsibility and not solely the responsibility of the government, hence the need for everyone to work together for a successful session.

Tosin Adekanmbi

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