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Palpitating Heartbeat, As Schools Resume

After the Christmas and New Year celebrations that attracted numerous spending by families, friends and loved ones, the preparation of parents towards the resumption of their children do often appear challenging in January, the first month of the Year. This is because responsibilities ahead are often not put into consideration during the festivities.Hence, people Continue Reading

Public Health Promoters Advocate Balanced Diet For Children In Oyo State

Public health promoters and educators in the University of Ibadan have stressed the need for parents to ensure adequate provision of balanced diet for their children to prevent bacteria conjunctivitis  leading to visual impairment. Speaking on behalf of the public health promotion and education students during a public health intervention held at the Cathedral of […]Continue Reading
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Preparing for School Resumption

Education is a legacy which every good parent should give to their children. Indeed, that time of the year is here again, a period where educational institutions resume for a new academic session to develop minds in the quest for knowledge. The three weeks holiday is over, stakeholders including government, parents, guardians, teachers, caregivers and […]Continue Reading