Nutritionist Cautions against Intake of Dangerous Combos

In this time of COVID-19, one way to stay healthy is to ensure that the immune system is fortified.

The Social media space is awashed with different methods and tips on how to do this, such as consumption of combos made from honey, garlic, orange and eating herbs such as bitter leaves, scent leaves and moringa leaves.

These stories are further enhanced by voice notes and video messages of people who supposedly recovered from COVID-19.

One may like to know if these actually helps in boosting the immune system.

Coordinator, Civil Society scaling up Nutrition in Nigeria, Pastor Adio Olusegun called for caution in consuming everything recommended via the social media as this could endanger their lives and health.

In the same vein, a Public Health Nutritionist, Mrs Yetunde Adeseluka Oladejo explained that the immune system could be strengthened by eating foods high in anti-oxidants.

“Foods high in anti-oxidants found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains have the capacity to boost immunity and those rich in Vitamin C such as okro, orange, banana, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and fruits that contain Vitamin A, Vitamin E found in salmon, egg yolk, meat, yam, fortified milk, cocoyam and wheat.

We need a variety of them to be able to protect our bodies from infections “The Nutritionists stressed that drinking a lot of water and physical exercise would go a long way in keeping the body strong and resistant to diseases provided there were no underlying health issues.

Anthonia Akanji.

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