I would have been a palm wine tapper in a village – FRCN director

The outgoing Director, New Media, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, , Pastor Dare Olorunfemi has described his experience with the media platform as highly remarkable.

Pastor Olorunfemi while recounting his ups and downs in his thirty years’ service with FRCN said though he faced many challenges, God sustained him all through.

“You know what it means to be in a place for thirty years? I struggled to leave, adversaries forced me to leave, death attempted to force me to leave but God kept me. It is against my will to stay for thus long, it is against the will of my enemy but ultimately, it is the perfect will of God” He said.

The outgoing officer who recalled with nostalgia the gains of working with FRCN, hinted that the platform gave him the opportunity to climb higher echelon.

“The platform God used to take me to nations beyond my imagination, to meet people I wouldn’t have met in life, to step on platforms I wouldn’t have been able to step on otherwise. Today is very nostalgic because as I thank God for my life so far, and I also back look at a career path which God has used to raise me.”

“I used tell people, the greatest I would have been is a Palm wine tapper, hunter or both but God has done much more for me.”

Speaking on pen profession, Pastor Olorunfemi described it as “a big profession that provides the opportunity to serve God and his creation, a platform that gives voice of the voiceless, a voice to fight injustice, and a platform to be an advocate. On the other side, it could be a platform for adversaries where you do bad”.

 “Journalism is a two-edged sword, you can use it to the advancement of humanity, you can use it to create adversity, you can use it to actualise whatever God had deposited in you; as a teacher, counselor or whatever”

Pastor Olorunfemi, however, expressed regret that the value system in the journalism profession had been corrupted and standards have fallen as a result.

He added that crop of practitioners in recent times who were expected to know much about everything usually fall below the required standard.

Pastor Olorunfemi then charged practicing journalists to perform their role according to professional ethics of the job, so as to the profession to enviable heights.

Adedayo Adelowo

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