MMPN Urges Muslims to Pray for the World

As Nigerian Muslims join their counterparts all over the world to begin Ramadan fasting, they have been urged to dedicate the period for prayers to end the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is contained in a statement in Ibadan by Chairman, Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria, MMPN, Oyo State Chapter, Alhaji Ridwan Fasasi.

Alhaji Fasasi said since Ramadan is a month full of blessings, Muslims should use the opportunity to pray fervently to seek Allah’s forgiveness to halt the ravaging COVID-19, which has brought the world to its knees.

He urged the Islamic faithful especially the wealthy ones to remember the less privileged and others that the current situation has affected their sources of income bearing it in mind that Ramadan is a month of helping the needy. 

The MMPN Chairman noted that though the traditional activities during Ramadan like Tarawih, Tafsir and annual lecture have been affected to prevent the spread of the virus, the believers should actively perform others that could be done on individual basis such as five daily prayers, recitation of Quran, listening to Islamic sermons and Tahajjud, night prayers. 

He explained that since the month is loaded with spiritual activities, the believers should regularly wash their hands with soap under running water while they should as well observe other precautionary measures to prevent contracting the deadly virus.

Alhaji Fasasi enjoined Muslim philanthropists to take sponsorship of Islamic lectures as a top priority especially this period so that Muslims at home will be able to benefit from such through traditional channels of radio and Television as well as new media platforms.

He admonished Islamic clerics who will be handling such lectures and explanation of the holy Quran to lay emphasis on prevention of the spread of coronavirus, as well as issues of patriotism, peaceful co-existence, and love for one another.

Alhaji Fasasi prayed to Allah to give Nigerian leaders the wisdom and power that will make the country survive the post COVID-19 challenges.

He emphasized that since the compulsory twenty-nine or thirty days fasting is hinged on God’s consciousness, Muslims should endeavour to ensure that their actions and inactions follow the dictates of Allah.

Alhaji Ridwan Fasasi


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