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The Need for Attitudinal Change among Electorates as Panacea to Good Governance

Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.

They are expected to have a positive attitude and seek the wellness of their followers while the electorate are also expected to be patriotic.

Though, Nigeria returned to democratic rule in 1999, unfortunately, the country is still struggling with her democratic system as many elected officers perform below their electioneering promises.

Thus, majority of the electorate now only believe in what they can gain personally from those elected.

Many Nigerians are easily brainwashed by politicians before and during electioneering with fake promises which they do not fulfill after winning the desired positions.

One factor responsible for this is breakdown in ethical values, which are necessary ingredients in building a good society.

 To address the issue, more sensitization programme are needed and this could be achieved through information sharing, ethical and attitudinal change for every Nigerian.

To truly avert corruption, citizens must first subscribe to ethics, values and norms that support civilised standards in business, politics, culture, military education, social relation and even in family life.

The youths should be educated more on the dangers of corruption and be encouraged to refrain from it, this will make them become responsible and accountable when they become public or private servants.

If every family is disciplined and taught role of moral values in good governance, the nation will be crime-free.

Family upbringing is very essential as regards a reasonable society as such the nation‘s political leaders must set an example of integrity and honesty.

Those in government should borrow the ideas of Switzerland, a country that is crime-free as its citizens believe in the moral culture.

The issue of godfatherism among politicians should also be discouraged because it makes political office holders to be preoccupied with satisfying their selfish interest and that of their godfathers.

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, should see to the amount been charged by political parties to obtain nomination forms, so as to enable clean and qualified person to assume office.

The electoral process for any candidate to emerge anywhere and for any position must be made less stringent and free of monetary coercion.

Independent candidates must be allowed to contest based on merit and proven integrity and cognate experience that will put the selfish politicians on their toes and give the electorate true freedom of choice.

When all the above are put in place, the attitude of electorates will change and good governance will be achieved.

Tayo Sanni

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