Edo Registered Voters, PVCs Collection by LGAs

Edo South is the dominant district in terms of registered voters and PVCs collection.

Edo South has 1,281,414 registered voters, according to YIAGA, quoting INEC figures.

In the zone, 78.1 per cent of the PVCs have been collected.

Conversely Edo North has 564,122 registered voters; 84 per cent of the PVCs have been collected.

In Edo Central, the total registered voters is 364,998; out of which 74.4 per cent have been collected.

Edo South


Registered voters 313,553;

PVCs collected 240,197


Registered voters 315,410;

PVCs collected 214,822


Registered voters 219,832;

PVCs collected 158,817

Ovia Northeast:

Registered voters 143,009;

PVCs collected 113,167

Ovia Southwest:

Registered voters 96,409;

PVCs collected 77,468


Registered voters 118,672;

PVCs collected 102,739


Registered voters 74,529;

PVCs collected 57,290

Edo North

Etsako West:

Registered voters 160,137;

PVCs collected 128,188

Etsako East:

Registered voters 81,639;

PVCs collected 67,715

Etsako Central:

Registered voters 84,245;

PVCs collected 42,042

Akoko Edo:

Registered voters 119,254;

PVCs collected 115,343

Owan West:

Registered voters 61,193;

PVCs collected 46,245

Owan East:

Registered voters 91,841;

PVCs collected 77,827

Edo Central

Esan West:

Registered voters 99,983;

PVCs collected 83,467

Esan Central:

Registered voters 50,058;

PVCs collected 42,042

Esan Northeast:

Registered voters 84,245;

PVCs collected 66,790

Esan Southeast:

Registered voters 76,842;

PVCs collected 58,802


Registered voters 46,828;

PVCs collected 34,988

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