World Biggest Pineapple Structure

The Big Pineapple is literally, the biggest manmade pineapple in the world, located in Bathurst, South Africa.

The fibreglass, steel and concrete structure stands 16.5m high, comprising 3 floors with a magnificent view from the top all the way to the coast.

The structure features an antique and gift shop selling all kinds of pineapple related products such as jams and juices, t-shirts, puzzles and gifts.

On the middle floor, there is a static display about the pineapple industry that flourishes in the Bathurst area.

This well-known landmark is an ideal spot for tourists to visit.

Situated on a pineapple experimental farm, there are lovely expanses of lawn for children to run freely. There is also a restaurant offering delicious choices of food and drinks in a historical stone settler building.

Titilayo Kupoliyi

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