Awori People Urged to Come Together

The people of Awori ethnic stock in Lagos and Ogun State have floated a strong and all-encompassing assembly with the name “Awori Think Tank”.

According to the President of Awori Welfare Association, Asiwaju Ajibola Olagbaye who presided over its inauguration, the assembly was birthed in response to the need to find a lasting solution to the myriad of challenges confronting the Awori people.

He explained that “Awori Think Tank” was conceived as a problem-solving body and charged members to see their enlistment as a clarion call to serve the people.

The chairman of the body, Mr Oye Taiwo noted in his address that there was an urgent need for the Awori in Lagos and Ogun states to forge a common front to address the challenges of disunity and marginalisation which account for their setback.

He expressed confidence that with the formation of Awori Think Tank and the commitment demonstrated by members, a new dawn has come for the Awori people. Mr Taiwo gave assurances that the Think Tank would not consume other existing associations but would rather serve as a “thinking capsule” to feed and inspire other Awori groups.

Our correspondent reports that aside from being the dominant ethnic group in Ado Odo Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State, the Awori people occupy a good number of local government areas in Lagos State.

Solomon Olope

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