Veteran Advocates Establishment of Sport Schools

A veteran Sports Administrator, Pa Soba Akano has advocated the establishment of schools of sports across the federation.

Pa Akano who said this while speaking with Radio Nigeria pointed out that the schools would mainly focus on sports such as hockey, cricket and Athletics.

According to him, governments need to embark on catch them young approach for sports talents who should be nurtured in the schools of sports.

Pa Akano who was nicknamed ‘omosapamo’ during his playing days at the then Hercules football club of Ibadan in the fifties and later the Western Rovers, said he was awarded scholarship due to his dedication to football.

The retired educationist said he was very active in both football and Athletics with a record of one point one seconds recorded in a one hundred metres race. 

He stressed the need for sports administrators to always tap from the wealth of knowledge of veteran sports administrators in order to restore the glory of sports in Nigeria.

The ninety one year old senior citizen who is a retired civil servant, equally appealed to Oyo state and federal government to look into the nonpayment of his pensions for thirty two months.

Olaolu Fawole

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