Eidel-Kabir: Prices Of Food Items Increase In Oyo

As Muslim faithful prepare for the Eid El Kabir celebration, Radio Nigeria visited some major markets in Ibadan metropolis.

 Prices of consumable commodities have increased in Ibadan with Eid el Kabir a few days away.

 A survey reveals that the prices of food stuff such as Rice, vegetable oil, palm oil, tubers of Yams, Yam floor ,rams also prices of shoes, clothes and bags have increased.

  A ram seller Mallam Abba Gurduba said the prices of Rams this year compared to last year was high.

He said a moderate sized ram which was sold for#30,000 last year was #50,000, while prices of big rams had also increased to#240,000 from #120,000.

 Other Items including rice, tomatoes, onions, pepper and vegetables had also increased.

A bag of rice is now sold for#27,000 as opposed to the previous price of#20,000, 25 liters of vegetable oil has risen to #23,000 compared to the previous price of #19,000, while a small basket of tomatoes sold for #6,000 and a basket of rodo is sold for#34,000.

 Fabric sellers including a woman who sells bags and shoes, Mrs Funmilayo Okunlola said that buyers had been scanty, lamenting that the economic situation was affecting their business.

 Customers at the market lamented that, prices of items were too expensive, thus preventing them from purchasing as they wished.

Funmi Obagbayegun

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