Sport Minister Expresses Satisfaction At D’Tigress Performance In Tokyo

The Honourable Minister of youth and sports development Mr. Sunday Dare who have deemed it fit to watch virtually every games of Team  Nigeria in Tokyo was in the stand again tor cheer D’Tigress up, although they lost the match in question but was full of praise of the Team D’Tigress.

According to the Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare:

“I watched the game from the start to the end. Every moment. I saw players who can fight and they fought. From 20 Points disadvantage, I saw them climb back steadily.

The height and built of the Americans notwithstanding.

The next game will be better. I trust them.

They are like a family. Going up against the Americans like they did, our team is good and can be better”

Adewumi Faniran

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