Couple Welcomes Twins After 25 Year Wait

The joy and hope of every married couple especially in Africa, is to give birth to children not more than a year after their marriage.

In fact, relatives and friends look forward to the birth of a child nine months after wedlock of the couple. 

However, this is not often the case as some couples find themselves confronted with delay in having a child. 

This, most times, causes agitation, anxiety and impatience which could lead to misunderstanding and fight and divorce especially when pressure is mounted on couple especially by the husband’s relations. 

When Mr. and Mrs. Ajibade Adewale got married in 1996, they looked forward to starting a family immediately.

But the hope did not materialize, as year after year, no baby came. 

Although, the couple trusted God and kept praying, it seemed as if heaven was sealed against their petition. 

Then when they least expected it, the answer to their request came, bringing an end to 25 years of agonizing waiting for the cry of at least a baby in their home. 

On 16th July this year, Mrs Adewale was delivered of twins, a boy and a girl

The couple who got married on 14th April 1996 described the waiting period as quite challenging.

According to Mr. Adewale there were times the temptation to wait thinned out but he trusted God.

The 54 year old Mrs Elizabeth Adewale was full of joy and happiness for giving birth, not to one child but to twins.

According to a clergyman, The Reverend Nathaniel Aremu and an Islamic Cleric, Prince Asimiyu Adeniran while advising couple in a similar condition noted that the period of delay in child bearing calls for a lot of prayers especially after seeking medical attention.

In a reaction A medical expert, Doctor Abayomi Roberts attributed delay in child bearing to some factors in both male and female. 

Doctor Roberts explained that it was vital that affected couple seek medical help early, adding that advancement in Medicine is successfully addressing the problem of procreation for couples after marriage

Seyifunmi Olarinde

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