HIJRAH 1443 A.H: Makinde’s Aide Congratulates Muslim faithful Calls for Rededication to Allah

Muslim faithful have been implored to rededicate themselves to Allah (SWT) by emulating the holy virtues of Prophet Mohammed.

S.A to Oyo state Governor on Islamic affairs, Imam Abdulrasheed Abdulazeez gave the admonition in a congratulatory message to the faithful on the occasion of Hijrah 1443 A.H.

Imam Abdulazeez, who rejoiced with Muslims in Oyo state for witnessing the beginning of the new Islamic calendar, admonished them to always reflect on the life of Prophet Mohammed.

“Despite the persecution, oppression and victimization suffered, Prophet Mohammed (SWT) endured and held on to his belief in Allah”

“As Muslims, we should be able to hold on to our belief like the Prophet in whatever situation we found ourselves, especially during this difficult time in the world”

Imam Abdulazeez also urged Muslims to imbibe the virtues of patience, love and peaceful coexistence, while shunning any act that could cause division in the country.

Imam Abdulazeez specifically appreciated Governor Seyi Makinde for identifying with the Muslim Ummah and declaring a public holiday to mark Hijrah.

He emphasized that Governor Makinde had continued to demonstrate his unbiased love for the Muslim ummah and other faiths in the state.

The Governor’s aide finally called on the Muslim faithful to intensify their prayers for the state, Governor Seyi Makinde, as well as, Nigeria in general.

Kayode Banjo

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