Commuters Cry out over Lagun Portion of Ibadan-Iwo Road

Commuters along Ibadan -Iwo, Osun State road now have to either board more than one vehicle or endure driving through bushes to get to their destination.

This is a result of a terribly damaged portion in the Lagun area of Oyo State.

Commercial transporters have named the portion “Border”, a point where they drop passengers on either side to trek through the damaged portion to join another vehicle at the other end.

A make-up muddy route has equally been created by some people to make brisk business by being readily available to push stuck vehicles.

Meanwhile, commuters have been lamenting the hardship they face.

Some of them who spoke with Radio Nigeria said the development had led to a hike in the price of transportation as they were being charged separately by the two transporters who took them to the Border and the one who picked them up from there.

The road users, however, appealed to the Oyo State government to address the situation and make them feel the impact of good and responsive governance.

Another road user Mr Segun Alani charged all stakeholders to be proactive before criminally minded people would start taking advantage of the people plying the route.

Adedayo Adelowo

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