Covid-19: Veterinarians Make Case for Laboratories to Test Animal Samples

The Nigeria Veterinary Medical Association, NVMA, Oyo State has called on the federal government to set up laboratories for testing of animal samples across the country to aid the fight against Covid-19.

Chairman of the association in Oyo State, Dr Ayo Adejuyigbe made this request while speaking with Radio Nigeria on prevention of disease transmission from man to animals and vice versa.

Dr Adejuyigbe explained that humans could easily transmit diseases to pets citing the example of dogs being infected with Covid-19 in some parts of the world.

He urged people to keep some distance from animals, wear gloves while taking care of them and change clothes afterwards.

”At the end of the day, if care is not taken, these pets could re-infect humans with diseases that have been treated before and the cycle continues”

Contributing, another veterinarian, Dr Kunle Faramade wants pet owners at this time to ensure that their animals do not mingle with others or go out of their premises as such alliances could jeopardize theirs and the pet’s health.

For proper health of pets especially dogs, Dr Faramade recommended regular bathing, vaccination against rabies from three months as well giving them foods rich in protein, vitamins and not only bones as some people do.

On interactions between children and pets, Dr Arebiyi Taiwo stressed that the safety of pets to a large extent determines the safety of children and adults.

She therefore advised that parents take over the bathing of animals and other care for now while sanitizers be placed in strategic places around the house for children to clean hands whenever they touch their pets.

Anthonia Akanji

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