NNL Spells Out Medical Conditions For Participation In New Season

Ahead of the 2020/2021 Season of the Nigeria National League, NNL, and in a renewed effort to ensure that lives of players and officials are adequately protected, the NNL has reeled out strong medical dictates to safeguard the fitness of the dramatis personnel on and off the pitch of play.

According to NNL Chief Operating Officer, Mr Emmanuel Adesanya, this has become imperative considering recent incidences of death recorded on the field of play and the prevailing COVID-19 global pandemic.

“The Medical conditions are very clear in the rule books governing Association Football, it is a crusade that will ensure adequate medical facilities are provided at all times by clubs in our League” he said.

Mr Adesanya reiterated the provisions of the NNL rule book on the need for every club to have medical professionals which should comprise: A medical Doctor, Nurse, Physiotherapist and a masseur for their matches.

2. Clubs are to carry out medical examination on all contracted players and coaches and have medical records of which shall be made available for inspection by authorized representatives of the league body.

3. Making available players medical record to other clubs during transfer and negotiation of a player by the club holding such a player.

4. Clubs are to maintain a medical insurance scheme approved by the NNL.

5. Compulsory first aid medical services at every match venue, with clubs and their State Football Associations providing stretchers and ambulances well equipped with basic medical gadgets.

6. Clubs will present certificate of medical fitness of all players and coaching cabinet, such certificate must be endorsed by a doctor with his contact details from a reputable and designated government-owned medical centre in their state.

It is worthy to note that the NNL is working to synergize with reputable government approved medical centre to ensure absolute compliance by the clubs.

Mr. Adesanya however, warned that non-compliance by clubs will not be treated kids gloves.

Olaolu Fawole

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