Nigerians have been advised to find ways of assisting teachers that had positively impacted them in the journey of life to encourage the teaching profession.

President of Education, Gender Youth and Family Network, EDUGUF-N, Professor Helen Bodunde gave the advice in Abeokuta in a statement to celebrate the 2020 World Teachers day.

Professor Bodunde explained that people need to appreciate the teachers by offering them tangible gifts as a sign of gratitude and accomplishments. 

While wishing all teachers at all levels of education a happy World Teacher’s Day, She urged them to look forward to a conducive environment for dissemination of knowledge and good remuneration. 

The president of EDUGUF-N also advised the leadership of the country to develop the role of teachers as the primary and germane foundation for a peaceful society. 

She described the theme for this year’s celebration, ‘Teachers: Leading in Crisis, reimagining the future” as very apt enabling the teachers to know their rights and responsibilities and the need for further education.

Wale Oluokun


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