Farmers-Herders Clash: Agronomist Advocates Govt. Designated Pastures

An Agronomist, Professor Emmanuel Moyinjesu has advised governors in the southwest region to establish government designated pastures to solve the unrest and insecurity linked with Farmers/Herders in the region.

He made the recommendation while speaking with Radio Nigeria Correspondent.

Professor Moyinjesu, who’s the Head of Department of Agronomy, Federal College of Agriculture, Akure explained that government designated pastures would assemble all commercial animal production farmers including cattle rearers to graze their animals.

While noting that herders graze on farmlands due to little availability of grass, Professor Moyinjesu said the initiative would afford government to also generate revenue from the designated pasture  as farmers would be billed for their farming activities.

“There won’t be any guess about land ownership. It will be solely government property. They will invite agricultural scientists to ensure there’s green grass all year round ” …….. he said.

The Agronomy expert also urged government to engage in massive irrigation to shore up the low crop production to grow crop all year round to attain food sufficiency for the growing population.

Dayo Adu

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