Unity in diversity is a concept which signifies unity among individuals who have certain differences among them.

These differences can be on the basis of culture, language, ideology, religion, sect, class and ethnicity. 

Nigeria is a multicultural society, a conglomerate of nations with different people and cultures, a basket of different religions and world-views and a country with diverse expectations.

History has it that past governments have introduced different policies to unite diverse groups through a shared sense of national identity.

Aside Nigeria’s national symbols which bind the citizens together, government introduced the national youth service corps which allow for inter tribal marriages among ethnic groups, there is also the setting up of the unity schools for ethnic nationalities to understand and learn languages other than their mother tongue. 

The lack of unity in Nigeria was born out of the interest of the political class whose interest is not for the sake of unity as a country but to pave way for their exploitative mission.

It is necessary that for the country to be at par with other developed countries of the world, Nigerians have to be united and remain focus on the socio-economic development.

Recently, the country witnessed several unrest, issues ranging from kidnapping, armed banditry which have threatened the sovereignty of the nation.

To surmount these problems is a collective task that must be won by all and sundry.

Citizens must live in unity notwithstanding the diversity in culture, religion and tongues. 

Nigerians must at every opportunity insist that every great multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation has, through thick and thin, fought to realize the great dividends of diversity and pluralism.

The struggle to ensure a more perfect federation is a lifelong enterprise to which each generation must be committed to.

For national unity and security to be achieved, the issue of poverty and economic development need to be looked into holistically.

Nigerians should see themselves first as a Nigerian citizen thereby putting aside ethnic sentiments which will not do the country any good.

It is imperative to note that most notable inventions in the world were discovered by mistake so Nigerians should not see the amalgamation of the country as an error, but as  a  formidable  force that will cave  a niche for themselves to be able to survive  as a nation.

To this end it is impertinent for every Nigerian to come together as one indivisible nation and see the country as one to champion the dreams and aspiration of the founding fathers that will foster national unity in the country.

Nigerians should remember that in unity lies our strength.

Ayokunnu Oladipupo


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