Olubadan Stool: Seriki Line Loses out in Court

Justice Moruf Owolabi of Oyo State High Court has dismissed a suit filed by Seriki Olubadan against the refusal of Olubadan in Council to consider them for Olubadan stool. 

Seriki line of Olubadan led by Late Chief Oyediji, the then Seriki Olubadan, in 2016 went back to court to enforce the Supreme Court judgement, which says that Olubadan in Council should honour an agreement that they should be included among those who could be considered for Olubadan.

Delivering the judgement on the suit, Justice Owoloabi noted that the 1989 agreement on which the Sheriki based case had not been signed by state governor who had the power to amend chieftaincy law. 

The judge explained that until when the agreement was signed by the state governor, the court judgment which was delivered in 1989 could not be binding on Olubadan in Council.

He said this would remain so as long as Oyo Chieftancy law had not been amended to add Seriki line to those who could be considered to become Olubadan.

He therefore dismissed the suit for lack of merit.

Radio Nigeria report that the case started in 1989 when an Oyo State High Court ordered that parties should honour the agreement of a panel to settle the dispute.

Supreme Court also affirmed the judgment when challenged by Olubadan in Council, but governors in Oyo State refused to sign the agreement which could have been amendment in the State Chieftaincy law.

Funmi Obagbayegun

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