Biker Begins 25 Day Journey From London to Lagos

A Nigerian biker, Kunle Adeyanju has commenced an ambitious journey, riding from London to Lagos on his bike.

It is a journey of 12,000km and he plans to do it in 25 days. The journey commenced on Tuesday, April 19th and Kunle tweeted that he is currently in Borgers, France, after leaving London and crossing the English Channel.

The long ride will take him from London – France – Spain – Gibraltar – Morocco – Western Sahara – Mauritania – St Louis – Senegal – Gambia – Mali – Cote d’Ivoire – Ghana – Togo – Benin – Lagos.

Explaining why he embarked on the long journey, Kunle said in a tweet that he wants to use it to raise twenty million naira for charity.

He said he will donate 100% of funds generated to supporting primary health, water & sanitation, PolioPlus project.

“100% of fund raised will be channeled to Primary Health, Water & Sanitation, PolioPlus project. Particularly 20% of fund raised will be targeted to support the fight to sustain Africa Polio free status.

As soon as he made his tweet, Nigerians started to react to it in different ways.

Legit/Olaolu Fawole


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