Emmanuel Macron has beaten far-right candidate Marine Le Pen to win the French presidency, projections show he has taken 58% of the vote to her 42% in a narrower victory than their previous contest in 2017.

 Mr Macron, 44, will make history by becoming the first French president to be re-elected in 20 years. His opponent Le Pen, 53, was running for the presidency for a third time

Addressing supporters in Paris, Le Pen said the unprecedented vote share it is still “a victory” for her party. She complained of a Macron dirty tricks campaign but thanked her supporters – particularly in France’s countryside and overseas – who have stuck with her.

“Marine, Marine,” they chanted inside the HQ here. There were then boos as her victorious competitor was mentioned.

Le Pen said she would remain a strong counter-force to Macron, and then led her to party members in a rendition of the national anthem. But it sounded somewhat flat – much like the champagne that has been poured and remains on the tables in the corner of the room.

Meanwhile, European leaders have begun congratulating Macron, saying it’s a victory for EU unity



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