Expert Calls for Concerted Efforts at Ending Child Abuse

A counselling psychologist and child advocate, Mrs Ibukunoluwa Otesile has called for a stakeholders’ meeting to synergize on measures to address the plight of Nigerian Children. 

Mrs Otesile made the call in an interview with Radio Nigeria while speaking on this year’s Children’s Day. 

She expressed the need for concerted efforts from the media, civil society organizations, religious and community leaders as well as other relevant authorities to end abuses against children. 

Mrs Otesile advocated a one-stop rehabilitation centre in Oyo state where victims of gender-based violence can get necessary attention. 

The psychologist who highlighted human trafficking, forced prostitution, child molestation and educational deprivation of children as some of the abuses faced by them on a daily basis appealed to government to intensify effort at reducing street children.

Mosope Kehinde

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