Two Women Narrowly Escape Death at Alao Akala Way

Two women narrowly escaped death following an accident involving a thrash-compactor and an SUV. 

The accident, which occurred near the Akobo end of the Alao Akala Way, left the green Dodge Durango badly crushed and partly in the drainage. 

According to eyewitnesses, the thrash-compactor which belongs to one of Oyo State Waste Management Agency, OYWMA’s contractors, which was driverless, suddenly moved from where it was, crossed the road and rammed into the parked Durango.

The two women, who were sitting in the Durango, were seen shaking with fright until they were helped out of the car via the back door by passersby.

The people around the scene were seen thanking God for preservation as no life was lost in the mishap. 

Maxwell Oyekunle

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