A journey to Turkish Custom

Are you visiting Türkiye for the first time? Do you plan to spend this summer in any of the beautiful cities of Türkiye?

Then, you need this information about the customary acts of Turkish people.  

First, let’s talk about greetings. Do you know how to greet a Turkish man or woman? Turkish people make salutations by saying “Selam” or “Merhaba.”  These terms translate to “Hi” or “Hello.”

There is also the customary greeting. Men shake hands when they meet or do head greetings, that is touching one’s head against another. Otherwise, you could do the half hug when you greet a friend. 

A Turkish invite should be honoured. This is an important aspect that you take note of. When a Turkish man or woman invites you over for tea or coffee, it is only proper to reply in the affirmative.  Except, of course, you have a very earnest reason why you would not be able to. You should also never refuse Turkish tea or coffee. It is considered rude to do so. 

This third point is basic etiquette but it has to be included on this list. If a Turk invites you for a dinner or meet-up, lateness is disrespectful. Do not keep the person waiting for hours. You get there minutes before the meeting starts

Another salient aspect of Turkish culture is the language.  If you are visiting for the first time, try to learn the basic greetings and phrases in the language. You are bound to impress the average Turk when you do so. You say “Günaydın” for “Good morning,” “Nasılsın” for “How are you?”, “Geçmiş olsun” for “Get well soon”

Take charge of your next trip to Türkiye by keeping these points in mind.

You will definitely have a splendid time.

Mercy Bamigbola


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