By Olaitan Oye-Adeitan

Looking so scared, worried and disturbed was this young, dark in complexion beautiful girl as she walked into the premises of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria,  Ibadan Zonal Station, Dugbe, Ona – Adebimpe Road in Ibadan.

It was so obvious she needed urgent help.But what could be the source of concern for this teenager?

Teenager’s Ordeal 

Ikimo Ayoola by name, very outspoken and confident, complained that her father threatened to kill her for allegedly spoiling his dumb phone.

The teenage girl explained that she was cooking noodles as instructed by her father and had to hold the phone in her mouth to use the touch for illumination.

However, very early the next day, the father was reported to have woken her up, visibly angry and began to flog her, claiming she had spoilt the phone and was going to kill her.”This morning my daddy said he would kill me and he would kill himself.He beat me.I now said I will come to Radio Nigeria”.

This threat made her to run to Radio Nigeria.On her lips and leg were injuries sustained from the beatings she received from her father.

On further interrogation, Ikimo who is thirteen years old hails from Oyo town.She said her father and mother were separated.

According to her, she stays with her father at Agbede, Iyana Opo area in  Ibadan, while her mother has settled down with another man and resides at Asaka, IkeOlu also in Ibadan.

She explained that her father banned her from visiting her mother while the mother and her new husband were equally not favourably disposed to her visiting them.

Sadly, due to a medical condition, she could not further her education and had to drop out of school when she was in primary four.

As a way to seek financial support for her upkeep, Ikimo claimed her mother took her to a rich man but alleged that the man defiled her.

She then was later taken to a relative with whom she stayed with for a while until her medical challenge played up again.

The relative could also not cope with her medical challenge and had to return her to her father.But since her stay with her father, she hasn’t been going to school due to that health condition.

Hearing that she would be returned to her father by Radio Nigeria, her countenance changed. Dark clouds enveloped her and the young girl bursted into tears, saying she was not ready to go.

Journey Back Home

Ikimo alighted from the vehicle that brought her home reluctantly and sorrowful.

At Agbede, Alarere is this muddy, patched house with an almost blown off roof and an unkempt surroundings where Ikimo and her father lives.

One of the neighbours who is an elderly woman said Ikimo’s father, (a scavenger)  had  gone to work. She attested to the threat issued by Ikimo’s father and noted that the young girl due to threats often ran away from home anytime her father scolded her for misbehaviour.

However, the appearance of some other people at home called for great concern.

One of the men on ground was sighted with a stick of cigarette, one of the ladies looked so hostile and the area where the house is sighted is the centre of meeting for some area boys as smell of illicit drugs could easily be perceived.

What then is the fate of Ikimo in the midst of all these? It is obvious she lacks parental care.

Would this sharp and bright  girl receive the needed care that would bring out the hero in her?

How would she overcome the health challenge that has halted her schooling?

If there is any plea from Ikimo, it is to receive love and affection from a good spirited individual who would enable her realize her God given purpose just like she pleaded “I want someone who will help and take care of me”.

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