September 19, 2020

Tribute to Olola of Ola Land, Ejigbo LG, Osun State Oba Jonathan Akinpelu

The traditional ruler of Ola Land in Ejigbo Local Government Area of Osun State, His Royal Majesty, Oba Jonathan Akinpelu has joined his ancestors.

The monarch, until his transition was Vice Chairman, Osun Council of Obas and Chairman Council of Christian Traditional Rulers, Osun State.


And he exited our world

Undoubtedly, Ola, the town after Ejigbo in size, population, affluence and influence is a community of well-read people. The town will now be said to be ruled by a monarch who at the time of his ascendancy to the throne of his forefathers in 1971 was the most educated king in the whole of Ejigbo Local Government.

Here, I talk of an Oba who combined royalty with grace. 

I talk of a monarch whose candour was eloquent.

I talk of a royal majesty whose palace in his life time was full of royal


I talk of an earthly king whose wisdom was in the class of king Solomon of Davidic lineage.

I talk of an Oba, who sought god through his son, Jesus Christ and who ministered in and outside the palace.

I talk of a king who stood to be counted as the only Oba Ola had for almost half of a century. The record is perhaps one of the longest in Nigeria. 

That royal personage was, his royal majesty, Oba Evangelist Jonathan Oyeleye Akinpelu. 

Kabiyesi Oba Akinpelu exited our world on March 21, 2020 having ruled for 49 years. 

Good night, Kabiyesi

Prof. Oyesoji Aremu 

Director, Distant Learning 

University of Ibadan.

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