Covid-19: Crime Alert Donates Food to Less Privileged

To cushion the effect of Coronavirus pandemic in Oyo State, the Chief Executive Officer of Crime Alert Security Network Ambassador, Amos Olaniyan has provided food items worth millions of naira for less privileged

The food items include rice, beans, semovita, vegetable oil, with some preventive kits against the disease which are sanitizer and face masks.

The beneficiaries, majorly widows and aged persons were drawn from different part of the state. 

The items were taken to the beneficiaries at home.

Distributing the items, the donor, Dr. Amos Olaniyan described the Coronavirus pandemic as unfortunate and situation when the less privileged would need those who have better grace more than before.

Speaking on why the company did not focus more on sanitizer and masks, Dr. Olaniyan said people needed food to obey any lockdown order.

I know sanitizer, face mask, and other medical materials are very crucial at this period, but many people had distributed these materials, I have even seen  some who collected two and sold one, that was why we thought that to help our people we need to give them what will sustain them at home.”

“For people to stay at home, they need food, and not everybody can boast of eating without going out, even if what we are giving them are not enough, it would help them to some extent”

The Crime Alert Boss who commended the government’s efforts so far also called on other well-meaning Nigeria to complement the government efforts by providing help for those who need it.

Ambassador Olaniyan however advised people to guard themselves against contracting the diseases saying security of the nation begins with every individual.

‘People need to protect themselves from any diseases not just against coronavirus, Security agents can protect you from robbery, kidnapping, killing and other forms of attacks, no soldiers, police not even “Amotekun can protect you from diseases you have to do it yourself.

You have to protect yourself  by following all the instruction medicals experts are given, social distance is very important, if you are not told, you know that you should wash your hand, let make it our usual habit, hand washing is very important’.

He urged people to try to stay at home and maintain hygienic environment to prevent what medical experts called community infections which he Nigeria might not be able to manage if occurred.

Sunday Ogunyemi

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