September 19, 2020

Will Social Distancing Affect Kinship and Friendship?

Greetings in the form of kneeling, prostrating shaking of hands and embracing are integral parts of Nigeria’s social life.

The outbreak and spread of coronavirus or Covid-19 to many countries of the world have however impacted on this aspect of life as many people now distance themselves from others for fear of contracting the disease.

This is because social distancing, constant handwashing with soap water or hand sanitizers as well as maintaining basic health rules have been identified as viable means to prevent the spread of the dreadful disease among the populace.

The question is, when Covid-19 episode is over, what happens to friendship, kinship, comradeship and other social relations.

Some residents of Ibadan the Oyo state capital believe that as covid-19 came so would it go while other social relationships remain intact

They stressed the need for people to be positive-minded in this regard while observing the various regulations on keeping the disease at Bay

Reacting, a sociologist at the University of Ibadan, Dr Oludayo Tade urged people to embrace the precautionary measures for now to save their lives and that of their loved ones.

“It is all about survival, there is nothing you gain by greeting and dying and if you do not embrace or greet from a distance, it is not because you do not like the other person.”

Dr Tade advised that technology be deployed in fast-tracking relationships.

Also, the Provost, College of Medicine, Professor Emiola Olapade -Olaopa said while observing social distancing people should also distance themselves from any physical object that may have been a resting place for the virus such as doorknobs, tabletops and other surfaces.

prof. olapade olaopa/posterity media

It is gladdening also that major pharmacies and some Banks have put modalities in place to ensure physical distancing while queuing for drugs and services while others were yet to.

The World Health Organization, WHO, has advised a distance of at least three feet between two people as a precaution.

While awaiting the final end of Covid-19 siege on the global community everyone, therefore, is expected to take responsibility and prevent its spread.

Anthonia Akanji

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