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Family & Relationship

Handling Conflicts in Friendships, Relationships & Marriages

What is Conflict? It’s important that we first know what conflict is. Below is the dictionary definition of conflict: “Serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one”. Synonyms: dispute, quarrel, squabble, disagreement, a difference of opinion, dissension; discord, friction, strife, antagonism, antipathy, ill will, bad blood, hostility, falling-out, Continue Reading

Yummy Way to Enjoy Yoghurt

summer is upon us! Just like we are getting our summer body ready, we also love to prepare our snack. Let me introduce to you a yummy way to go enjoy Yoghurt. Today we would be making frozen yogurt bark which is the perfect summer treat. It can be topped with fresh berries, fresh fruits, […]Continue Reading
Parenting Tips

Your Child Needs Your Attention

By Olaitan Oye-Adeitan That parenting is a huge task today, especially with emerging trends in modern society, is undeniable. Is it the unbecoming attitude of many young people or prevailing social vices manifesting in different and unsuspecting forms?  Gone were the days when misbehaviour was only found among adolescents and youths because at that stage […]Continue Reading