By Olaitan Oye-Adeitan

As I began to write this piece, I remembered the true life story of a young man who had a miserable life.

He tried all efforts to rise from the muddy waters of life, but kept on sinking. However, he was not silent.

Life wasn’t pleasant for him at all. It kept presenting him bile and he was at the verge of giving up when he met a Pastor. He narrated his ordeal and the Pastor prayed for him.

However,  while praying,  the Spirit of the Lord told the Pastor to tell the young man to go and plead with his mother to bless him: for the mother was said to have uttered a curse upon him while he was younger .

Thank God, he obeyed.He met his mother and she reversed the curse and blessed him. 

In less than two months after, the young man rose from obscurity to lime light.The once  rejected, poverty stricken, sorrowful and perplexed man became a force to reckon with.

Coming back from this story, I pondered ” How many glorious destinies had been ruined by utterances from parents!”

The tongue as little as it is among the parts of the body, carries both life and death, but, what it releases is dictated or controlled by man in whose mouth lies the tongue.

It is very disturbing that many parents, at the slightest provocation, habitually rain  torrents of curses on their children, unknown to them that, the effects of curses do not manifest early in life.

Unfortunately, it might just be the time that such parents are to be enjoying the fruits of their labour over their children that echoes of the curses will start manifesting in their children’s life, just as it happened to that young man.

Dad, Mum, Uncle, Aunt, truth be told, ‘Words are powerful!

Curses are evil pronouncement which usually have negative effect upon the bearer. Sadly, this is a habit that is common among some parents. Curses flow freely on their lips to the extent that some would say that their  children will not prosper. Yet such parents want to reap the fruits of their labour.

This is the very reason you as a parent must tame your tongue and watch your pronouncements upon your children.

Cursing your child is like labouring for something and using the same hand to pull it down.

This is the reason God frowns at raining curses.

“Out of the same mouth proceeds blessing and cursing.
My brothers, these things ought not to be so”.

James 3;10

Uttering verbal abuse which has in it curses, is an ill wind capable of distorting a child’s destiny because God has placed you as an authority over that child. Therefore, your tongue has a great impact on your child and the more reason you should be mindful of the way you use it.

A renowned writer, Liza Blau, agreed that cursing a child could give the child emotional trauma, lead to low self esteem, birth a feeling of frustration or anger. “She might internalize your hostility, leading her to feel worthless and unlovable. Cursing can also leaves your kid confused and unclear about what she did wrong, because it isn’t honest or healthy communication”.

Due to the imitative nature of children, a child that is constantly exposed to cursing might also unconsciously begin to imbibe the same culture which he displays among his friends in school or neighborhood.

While curses may have physiological effect, the spiritual effect is more devastating as the child may just be battling with unexplainable issues in life.

Though, children may misbehave sometimes, parents should as much as possible avoid evil pronouncements, no matter how angry they are. Your Words are like seeds waiting for the appropriate time to germinate for you to harvest.

However, children should also avoid actions that could provoke their parents to invoke curses on them.


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