By ‘Dayo Adenuga

Mrs Ayeni needs your advice…. She got married to Mr Ayeni 19years ago. Before their marriage,both of them had a child each, coincidentally both were male.

After marriage,the couple was blessed with 4 children, 2female and 2male.

Over the years the family grew well and strong….Lekan,Mrs Ayeni’s first Son now 24years old and also a graduate brought Yinka whom he has chosen to marry for introduction.

While this was going on, Bunmi the first born of the family stood up to say, their marriage (Lekan & Yinka) will not hold!

This was a shock to everyone and when she was asked why, she responded by saying; Lekan never told her about the proposed marriage because she had been keeping herself for him.

Her mother told her, it was an abomination,to develop feeling for her own brother but Bunmi responded, “Mum,we have been dating for quite a while now, he disflowered me,I have aborted twice,now he is coming this last….Lai Lai mi o ni gba(never ever,I won’t agree).

At this juncture,the introduction ended and Yinka walked out of the house , Lekan followed begging her.
Without more words,please how do we resolve this matter?

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Olaitan Oye-Adeitan


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