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Waterleaf Juice: A Must in Your Diet

By Adebukola Aluko

Waterleaf is a fantastic green leafy vegetable plant with simple pink flowers that grow up to five feet. It is an excellent source of iron, zinc, and molybdenum.

Native to the Americas and the Caribbeans, waterleaf has been cultivated in many places across the world, this vegetable is known to be an annual herbaceous plant of West Africa, commonly seen in most of the states in Nigeria (mainly in the South).

It is called Gbure in Yoruba, Mgbolodi in Igbo and Ebe dondon in Edo. 

While it grows best in tropical climates, it can be cultivated anywhere with a hot, humid growing season, keeping the plant well-watered and at least partially shaded will accelerate growth.

The waterleaf plant

So much emphasis has been placed on the leaf plant as most people may not be versatile with waterleaf juice because it is mainly used in cooking, serving as an important vegetable in many local cuisines in Nigeria.

But today we will be examining the processing and health benefits of the juice. 

Besides being highly nutritious, delicious, and refreshing, waterleaf juice is an excellent immune system booster. The juicy leaves are extracted from the Talinum Triangulare plant and are easy to crush to make a healthy elixir. The underrated plant if processed into juice has numerous health benefits when consumed adequately. 

The juice of waterleaf is very beneficial to health and is effective in increasing the blood level and treating many health conditions that have proven successful. 

Benefits of Drinking Waterleaf Juice

1. Promotes Good Skin

It is a good source of vitamins A and C that aid the repair and growth of the body cells and tissues. The process results in healthy and beautiful skin. The antioxidants in the juice are an ideal solution to improve skin pigmentation and hydrate it. The juice keeps dryness at bay and gives you glowing healthy skin. 

Make sure that you drink waterleaf juice in moderation for the best results.

2. Improves Brain Activity

Waterleaf juice can improve blood flow and plays a vital role in providing human blood cells with the right nutrition. This ability helps the brain to function much better, as it increases the flow of blood and oxygen. This in turn prevents any form of damage to the brain tissues.

3. Manages Blood Pressure

If you are searching for home remedies to manage your blood pressure, waterleaf juice might be the beverage for you. The ideal amount of fibre and minerals present in the juice helps in the management of both the heart rate and blood pressure. Regular consumption of waterleaf juice can help you prevent health issues such as hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

4.  Beneficial in Pregnancy

It’s beneficial for pregnant women because of the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins in the juice. As the juice boosts the blood level, it’s beneficial for both the mother and the baby. The juice prevents health issues like anaemia in the mother.

5. Prevents Blood Clots

Waterleaf juice’s anti-inflammatory properties work and dissolve unhealthy blood clot formations in the body, which might be disrupting healthy blood flow. The anti-inflammatory properties also prevent the formation of blood clots.

6. Improves Eye Health

Waterleaf juice contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A1, which contribute to the proper functioning of the eyes. Where vitamin A helps in enhancing the vision in poor light, vitamin A1 or retinol helps in improving the skeletal tissues. Vitamin C helps in maintaining a healthy retina.

7. Helps with Digestion and Weight Loss

The high dietary fibre content in the juice makes it an excellent remedy for various digestive issues like constipation, indigestion, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Besides, the high fibre content helps control cravings and hunger pangs as it keeps the stomach full. Even as waterleaf juice helps in controlling weight and aids digestive issues, a proper meal and healthy substitutes are essential to help support the nutrients of the juice.

8. Good for Overall Health

Being an ideal immune booster, waterleaf juice is the perfect drink for people who constantly feel tired or weak. The juice helps in improving your overall health and eradicates any sign of weakness. It is extremely healthy as it contains proteins, pectin, high levels of vitamin B, C, and A, omega 3 fatty acids, manganese, and zinc. It is also a rich source of calcium needed for strong bones and teeth.

waterleaf Juice

How to Make Waterleaf Juice

Pluck the leaves and wash them properly.

Cut into tiny pieces to pound, squeeze or blend in a mixer.

Add water and strain the juice through a muslin cloth.

Enjoy the natural drink/juice early in the morning or after you complete your exercise routine.

Start with a glass of waterleaf juice twice a week. You can add a few drops of lemon and honey (as a natural sweetener) to the juice to make it more palatable.

  Eat right today “Remember you are what you eat” 


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