Ewe Akoko also known as Newbouldia Laevis

The Yorubas call it Ewe Akoko, and Ogilisi by the Igbo people while the Hausas call it Aduruku. The English name is Hup Plum Leaf.

The plant has shiny dark green leaves and bears large showy terminal purple flowers.

It is often planted as a boundary marker, and it has various medicinal uses.

The tree has a wide distribution across West and Central Africa. It is known as the tree of life highly used for spiritual purposes according to one’s belief.

Some use it for health while others use it for religious practices.

It is called the Fertility Leaf in English, while its Botanical Name is NEWBOULDIA LAEVIS

It is used for infertility-related issues, it balances the hormone, menstrual irregularity, and adhesion (pelvic inflammation or pelvic organ scarring). It helps to aid childbirth or safeguard the developing fetus.

It is used to treat a range of gynaecological issues including, miscarriage, menstrual discolouration, scanty menstrual flow and others. And it also improves the chances of conception by encouraging a healthy hormonal profile.

The extracts is useful in the management and treatment of nervous system-related disorders such as convulsion, anxiety, pains.

It is also a good source of phytochemicals and also a potential source of potent antiplasplasmodial compounds that could be developed into drugs useful for the treatment of malaria. If applied externally, the bark is said to cure a range of skin conditions including septic wounds,

abscesses and ulcers and is also used to treat snake bite. Pulped up to a paste, it is applied to rheumatic

joints, especially painful arthritis in the knee.

The Health Benefits Of Ewe Akoko (Newbouldia Laevis)

The young fresh leaf can also be cooked with red oil drink during labour to facilitate easy delivery and minimize labour pains.

A decoction of the leaf used as a gargle in the mouth for 4-5 minutes continuously is used to treat dental

caries and relieves toothache

The bark is stomachic and analgesic.

A decoction of the leaf os used in the treatment of dysentery, diarrhoea, epilepsy, cough and convulsion.

A decoction of the bark sieve is taken in form of an enema as a treatment for piles and constipation.

Dried powdered of bark combined with alligator pepper (Aframomum melegueta) is sniffed inform of snuff to treat migraine and sinusitis.

A decoction or ethanol extract of the root is used for the treatment of intestinal problems such as worms.

The decoction of the root is a laxative and is used to treat constipation.

The maceration of the root is effective for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatic pains.

The powdered root combined with chilli pepper (Capsicum frutescens) are put into a carious tooth to treat toothache.

Decoction of the root and leaves are a remedy for scrotal elephantiasis, fever and as an aphrodisiac.

It increases sperm count, boost sperm production and quality.

Newbouldia laevis increases blood flow to the genitals and boosts penile erection and sexual performance.

The leaf is used in the making of black soap.

A decoction is used in the treatment of coughs, diarrhoea and dysentery, while it is also given to children to treat epilepsy and convulsions.

A decoction of the bark, combined with chillies is used in the treatment of chest pains.

How To Use Newbouldia Laevis

Get the two leaves, cook it for 5 to 10mins with ordinary water.

Allow it to settle for 24 hours, then take the original natural honey and combine it with the boiled leaf and water extract

Take a full glass cup twice daily. Morning and Night.

Culled/ Oluwasemilore Emiade


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