South Africa is known for its iconic tourist attractions: Table Mountain, Robben Island, and Sun City. But Mzansi has some of the weirdest and wackiest attractions you may never have heard of. These unusual attractions will have you itching to explore:

The Shoe House

The South African Shoe house is one of many shoe-shaped houses in the world and was built in 1990 by entrepreneur and artist Ron Van Zyl. The Shoe is situated on the Panorama Route, on the border of the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, 20 km from Ohrigstad. Ron Van Zyl is a South African artist and hotelier who initially constructed it for his beloved wife Yvonne who wanted a shoe, and so this landmark was built here. It’s a three-storey building in front of which is a nice garden. Now the Shoe is a Museum and a part of a bigger project which includes a campsite and a chalet guest house, a restaurant, bar, pool and curio shop. The interior of the museum is full of rock and wood carvings made by Ron Van Zyl himself. From the Shoe is the entrance to the Alfa Omega Cave. This Cave came into existence because of a vision Ron van Zyl had many years ago and was built according to the vision. Tourists or Guests that come to visit the Shoe and the Cave are guided through seven underground rooms in which the Spirit World is depicted. The 7th room is a small Chapel where weddings can be held. So if you want to marry and have an extraordinary and exotic honeymoon in South Africa.

Eco Shrine, Hogsback

Nestled in the Amatola Mountains, the Eco Shrine can be reached via a leafy tunnel of hazelnut trees.  It includes a 6m tree sculpture of an angel carved out of a redwood tree that was struck by lightning and a circular enclosure with oil paintings and glittering mosaics.

Spider Lady, Hanover

Spider Lady, Hanover is no place for those who suffer from arachnophobia. It owner, Marie de Jager has turned her home into a living museum with tanks full of scorpions and spiders, including the six-eyed crab spider, tarantula, and small brown button spider.

Dick Heysteck’s Game Farm, Lydenburg

Situated along the R36 between Lydenburg and Ohrigstad in Mpumalanga province have giant animal sculpture of life-size big game, grazing together in apparent harmony situated just 10km from Lydenburg town. The wild animal statues were created by the artist, Dick Heysteck using concrete, chicken wires and steel. On display are the big 5, over 25 species of animals and human shapes as part of the game farm artistic sculptures. These have formed part of Dick Heysteck’s great arts and history. After he passed away, some of the sculptures were taken to the Lydenburg museum. For more information and insight, the visitors can contact the museum, but some can be seen on the left side of the road as you approach Lydenburg.

Sudwala Dinosaur Park, Nelspruit

The Sudwala Dinosaur Park is a Jurassic Park-like outdoor museum filled with life-sized models of prehistoric animals. Set in a tropical garden, the park has monkeys, birds, and a lovely viewing deck over the Rainforest Valley.

Biggest Chair in Africa, Robertson

The enormous red chair at Rooiberg Winery is the largest of its kind on the continent and a major landmark along Route 60. The 9m chair is decked with its own table and chairs.

Ronnie’s Sex Shop

Frank Ronald Price’s dreams of building a successful farm stall (Ronnie’s Shop) on a remote section of Route 62 were fruitless. As a joke, his friends changed the name to “Ronnie’s Sex Shop”. Today the pub is a national landmark filled with a growing collection of autographed underwear hanging from the roof and walls.

Post Office Tree, Mossel Bay

The boot-shaped Post Office Tree dates back to the 1500s when a ship commander left a letter under a Milkwood Tree. Today, it’s a local post office with a special stamp used on outgoing letters.

Culled/ Titilayo Kupoliyi

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