By Fasilat Bello

Adequate use of the inhaler and good inhaler technique could prevent Asthmatic triggers in patients.

Consultant Chest Physician, University College Hospital, UCH, Professor Olusola Igẹ made the submission during a senstization programme in commemoration of World Asthma Day at Bodija Market in Ibadan.

Professor Igẹ pointed out that about 10 million people were living with Asthma disease in Nigeria, which is the highest in Africa.

He attributed the high figure to poor management of Asthma as it is not curable.

Professor Ige who noted that an individual could have Asthma without known symptoms explained that the disease could be hereditary, and that noise which could make the heart short of breath, could trigger it and warned people to desist from discrimination.

The Chest Consultant explained that the inhaler was very key for the treatment of Asthma as it works on the windpipe to relax the trigger of the disease compared to its drug which takes a long process in the body. 

Professor Ige pointed out that an inhaler addresses the primary problem of the airway because of inflammation.

Speaking on the theme, “Asthma Care for All”, Professor Ige, called on stakeholders in the health sector to create adequate awareness and give proper care to people with Asthma, while also admonishing Nigerians to live healthy lives.

Deputy Director, Public Health Nursing, UCH, Mrs Grace Adekoya urged Nigerians to be mindful of dusty environment, inhaling perfumes which can trigger an asthma attack. 

Mrs. Adekoya advised people susceptible to asthma to use a nose mask and always carry an inhaler to prevent asthmatic attacks.

A Dietician at UCH, Lilian Oge advised people to study their body mechanisms, abide by what is good for it, and avoid fried foods, coconut oil, and dried food, saying they irritate and result in coughing, narrowing the airways making breathing difficult.

The dietician urged people to take lots of fresh water for clearing the airways in the body and also take vitamin C.

In an interview, an Asthmatic patient, Sunday Igboanlen appealed to governments to subsidize the cost of treatment and medication for Asthma.

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