The company, which backed the European Super League, A22, has launched a new proposal for men’s and women’s European competitions.

The proposal is a league system with 64 men’s clubs across three leagues with participation based on sporting merit and no permanent members.

The women’s competition would include 32 clubs across two leagues.

It comes after the European Court of Justice said banning clubs from joining a European Super League was unlawful.

A case was brought by the ESL and its backers claiming Uefa and Fifa were breaking competition law by threatening to sanction those who joined the breakaway league.

Europe’s highest court found against the governing bodies but said that did not mean a breakaway league would “necessarily be approved”.

But the ruling has opened the door for new proposals to be put forward and for clubs to look to organise and manage European football competitions.

No clubs or prize money have yet been announced in the A22 proposal but an annual promotion and relegation system would be in place.

In the men’s competition, the top tiers – the Star League and the Gold League – would each consist of 16 teams while the Blue League, the bottom tier, would consist of 32 clubs.

Fans would also be able to watch live matches for free on a new digital streaming platform.

BBC/Simeon Ugbodovon

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