At least five people have died from knife stab wounds after a man went on a rampage at a mall in Sydney, Australia.

Police say the knifeman had visited the mall at 15:10 local time before returning minutes later to begin his rampage.

It’s not yet clear why he attacked people in the shopping centre, but police say terrorism has not been ruled out as a motive.

The attack was only ended when a female police officer – who had been on duty nearby – confronted the man and shot him as he raised his knife towards her.

One eyewitness was near in a cafe with his two small children when he saw a man “stabbing people indiscriminately”.

Another unnamed eyewitness said he heard “people yelling and screaming, running” and began following behind the officer.

He added that, “If she (the officer) didn’t shoot him, well he would have kept going, he was on the rampage.”

BBC/Maxwell Oyekunle

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