Oyo Government Relocates Destitutes, Beggars and the Mentally-Sick

Oyo state government has commenced the evacuation of street children, beggars and mentally-sick persons off the streets in Ibadan, the state capital, in commemoration of the World Mental Health Day.

The evacuation exercise which was led by the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Inclusion, Alhaja Faosat Sanni, took the team to Iwo road and Mokola Roundabout in Ibadan North Local Government.

Forty eight people, comprising children, beggars and mentally deranged persons were picked and taken to rehabilitation centers for proper care.

Speaking with the newsmen after the exercise, Alhaja Saani said the evacuation was necessary to make a better living for the affected individuals pointing out that the destitute and those with mental health issues would be taken to rehabilitation centers while children beggars would be taken back to school.

She said, “The raid was meant to clear the streets of street children, beggars, mentally deranged persons who have become an eyesore to the State and to give them necessary attention at the rehabilitation centers while the children will be registered in schools.

“Government noticed recently that there has been an increase in number of destitute in the state and it is quiet alarming. We can give attention to them at the appropriate places instead for them to constitute something unpleasant to the major roads and public places.

“You can see that there are children of school age that were used to beg for alms by their own parent. We have said earlier that the present administration would not close its eyes to such and today, the exercise to clean our public places of such has started. These students are supposed to be in school, but they preferred to use them to beg, even when government has provided free education and free books.

“For those apprehended, we will take their proper documents and move them to rehabilitation homes where government would be responsible for their up keep because we are particular about their welfare and also take them to hospitals for medical care.”

The Commissioner for Women Affairs assured that, the raid would be a continuous exercise across communities in Oyo state.

Iyabo Adebisi

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