Covid-19: Few Churches in Orita Aperin Comply with 50 Per Auditorium

Most Churches at Aremo – Orita Aperin areas of Ibadan today ignored the fifty people per auditorium as advised by the Federal Government to curb the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

In a chat with Radio Nigeria reporter, leaders in most of the churches visited expressed belief that God was capable of arresting the pandemic. 

At Cathedral of Saint Peter’s Anglican Church, Aremo,¬†services were held unhindered, the same thing happened at Christ Apostolic Church Aremo Ibadan where members were sensitized on coronavirus and ways to prevent¬†themselves from contracting the disease.

At Abundant Life Baptist Church Ile Aperin, the church was almost empty as at past nine when Radio Nigeria reporter got there.

However, nobody was allowed to enter all the churches visited without washing their hands while some even used sanitizer. 

In an interview, District Superintendent Christ Apostolic Church Aremo District, Pastor Joseph Oladejo urged Church leaders to follow the government’ advice to curtail the spread of the coronavirus.

Pastor Oladejo also urged people not to entertain fear and have faith in God

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