Barely four days to Christmas, have prices of items including clothes and bags increased in the Ibadan metropolis

In markets such as Ogunpa, Old Gbagi and Dugbe markets, the usual hustle and bustle often witnessed was minimal as few buyers were available to patronize traders as many were in the markets for window shopping. 

This might perhaps be due to the economic situation in the country, as well as the hike in the prices of materials.

For instance, 6 yards of Ankara depending on their quality, sold between 1700naira to 7000 naira  as against  the previous prices of 1000naira and 5000naira last year, 

A similar trend was noticed with children’s wear, dresses now go for between 5000naira, 7 500naira and 8000naira compared to last year when they sold for 3500naira and 5000naira 

Two fabric sellers including a woman who traded in bags and shoes, Mrs Funmilayo Okunola and Mrs Bolanle Ajayi and who said that customers had been scanty, attributed the low patronage to the economic situation in the country. 

They explained that prices of adult sandals and slippers sold for 7000 naira as against 3000naiar to 5000 naira  in 2021.

Some buyers, who spoke with Radio Nigeria equally complained that the prices of items were too high which prevented them from buying as many materials as they needed. 

The buyers urged the government to address the present economic situation in the country.

Also, visits to major markets like Bodija, Ọjà Ọba and Molete showed that prices of food items such as rice, vegetable oil, palm oil, yàm flour, tubers of yam as well as chickens and goats had soared.

A chicken seller and a goat seller, Mrs Olúwatoyin Bello and Mr Sikiru Alade said the prices of chickens and goats were expensive, which they attributed to a hike in the prices of feeds and transportation.

Mrs Bello and Mr Alade explained that a big-size broiler had increased to 10,000 naira from 5000 naira, while layers which were sold for 2500 naira were now 3500;  a goat that was sold between 18,000 naira last year was now 30,000 naira. 

Similarly, a bag of rice sold for between 36000 to 37,000 as against the previous price of 28000 naira; five litres of vegetable oil which were formerly 5500naira was now sold for 7500 naira while 25 litres of vegetable oil is now 32000 naira compared to its previous price of between 28000 and 29000, while a big basket of tomatoes is sold for 20,000 Naira and a big bag of pepper sold for 40,000 and a big bag of Onions is sold for 80,000 naira.

 They lamented the increase in prices of food items and blamed the development on insurgency and the economic situation in the country.

A housewife, Mrs Uju Emmanuel and a civil servant, Mr Abiola Olugunde noted that they were not able to purchase more commodities as they wished.

 Mrs Emmanuel and Mr Olugunde wanted governments to urgently address insecurity and regulate the prices of commodities in the country.

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Funmilola Obagbayegun/Fasilat Lawal


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