By Adedayo Adelowo

There were prophecies that could have debarred them from getting married.

Infact, as a man, he had nothing that could attract a woman. But, two decades down the journey, their marriage is waxing strong in love and peace.

Read the intriguing story of a Christian cleric and his wife in their twenty years of marriage.

Pastor Faith Adeniran is a successful cleric at House of Healing Ministries, England,  though he spends most times in Ibadan. He is a native of Imeko, in Ogun state and  married to Helen. 

On how the journey started, the well-travelled cleric noted that he and his wife lived in an apartment without a mattress or chair and made ‘concoction’ rice a regular delicacy at the onset of their marriage.

“It is a journey of grace. We got married in May 2003, I didn’t have anything a woman could desire in a man.The first bed we got was on credit. Before we got married,my spiritual parents told me not to marry her on the claim that she would ruin me and my ministry and that she would be barren.

In fact, I was told she is a witch who would wreak me.The supposed prophecy didn’t go down well with me, so I sought the face of the Lord in fervent prayers. At the appropriate time, God confirmed her to me and we went ahead. I am telling you now, the prophetically barren witch now has three wonderful children.

When we just got married, she was the one carrying the family responsibilities. She used to hand over all the finance to me during that time, and she was always submissive ” Pastor Faith said.

According to him, though marriages could be challenging, God has made his own so blissful.

The cleric hinted that commitment and determination will keep the home united.

“In terms of understanding, we have basic rules that guide our home, one if it is ‘Don’t Shout’. Whatever happens, no one must shout, that is why our children don’t even know when we have issues because we will never raised our voices, irrespective of the circumstances.

The second rule is that we don’t sleep with unresolved issues.We discuss all matters and pray over it before going to bed, and these strategies have worked excellently for twenty years and it will continue to work.

For those who think marriages don’t work, believe me, it works.You have the responsibility of designing a pattern that soothes your situation” he maintained.

Pastor Adeniran, who reiterated the need for peaceful christian homes and long lasting marriages, charged younger generation to always be sure of what they want before entering a marriage contract.

“Make sure you marry your friend. Remember, there is no perfect marriage, you keep working on it. When problems come, commit it to God in prayers and always be still and calm. I also urge you to settle all crises internally. I am proud to tell you that no external body has come to settle any crisis between me and my wife since we got married. Please, settle all matters without involving a third party”Faith Adeniran added.

To Mrs Helen Adeniran, their marriage thrives based on mutual determination.

She said though there were hard times, determination and full dependence on Christ sustained the home.

Mrs Adeniran said she was not bothered with negative prophecies given to her husband, rather she felt that those who made the prophecies only spoke through flesh.

“My husband usually tells me that he has forgiven me, even before I offend him, so this makes things work very well. Honestly, my marriage in twenty years, God has been faithful.To keep my home, I deliberately respect my husband. I know African men love respect and that costs me nothing” She said.

Mrs Adeniran also implored women to shun unhealthy comparison in their marriages, urging them to study their situation and give it the best approach.


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