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Nollywood actress, Mosun Filani, has finally opened up on why she took a break from the movie industry..

In an interview with Oyinmomo TV, she disclosed that she prioritized her kids above her career, hence, her break from the industry.

According to her, she decided to pause her acting career for her kids to grow up as she noted how time flies. She made it known that business was never a priority to her.

Mosun noted that when a child gains admission to the University, he or she is no longer under the care of the parents and as such, she wanted to train her kids well, especially with what is going on social media

“Business was not my priority. I decided to take that break. I took a long break for the kids to grow up. For how long do they stay with us. When a child is in the University, hë or she is no longer under the parents’ care, take it or leave it.

So, how many years do you have to spend with your children to train them?

Some people are even alleging that they are the ones releasing their s3x tapes, just to have followers. Let there be a scandalous post about anyone and see the massive growth that will happen to his/her Instagram page.

That aspect is one that bothers me alot”.

Via her comment section, many applauded her for her statement.

One De Universe Fashion Stop wrote, “Shows she was really ready to become a mother before birthing them. I applaud you

One Ajike Ologe wrote, “Word. Our children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be their peace

One Chop And Smile wrote, “Make sense

One Queen Wuraola Official wrote, “Beauty and brain herself. Much love sis

One Hind Important Brand Limited wrote, “Sense”.

Mosun Filani had announced she was back in the movie industry after years of being off-screen.

Urging script writers producers and directors to send scripts, she noted how there is time and season for everything.

Refreshing your memory, Mosun quit acting after she married her husband, Kayode Oduoye, a politician and son of late Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Simeon Oduoye.

Her husband’s political ambition fueled her decision to quit acting as she was required to project a certain lifestyle and acting wasn’t part of it. Unfortunately, he didn’t win any poll, so she concentrated on her beauty business and caring for her family.

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