By Taiwo Akinola

What is the meaning of hug?.

Hug can be seen as a way of holding each other by resting head on the shoulder of the other person, which exhibits exchange of pleasantries, consoling a person in distress, encouraging somebody who is doing good in life, among others.

It can as well been seen as comforting those who are on sick beds, and every other good thing associated with it.

According to medical findings, hug lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and also improves cardiovascular function.

Hug decreases the release of cortisol, making one less stressed and allowing for improved sleep.

It boosts oxytocin in the human body, which is associated with feeling happier.

Socially, hug is a form of feeling wanted, pampered, loved and cared for, even when one does not see it coming.

As the saying: “a man’s food, is another man’s poison”.

In some religions, hug is not acceptable due to the general belief in the religions that, it gives room for adulterous act and other sinful tendencies between the opposite sexes.


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