Weather is very important to human life, animals and agriculture because it controls the distribution of rain water and the required freshness to the survival of all living organisms.

Despite its importance on earth, human activities, plants and environment, it is also appeared to be having negative impact as well.

In this special report, our correspondent takes a look at the factors responsible for varying weather conditions in Nigeria and steps that could be taken to mitigate the effects of weather on environment, plants and human lives.
Report on Weather by Oriola Afolabi

Weather is a state of atmosphere include cold, excessive heat, waves, thunderstorms and often driven by air pressure and temperature.

A Professor of Geography and Environmental Management with Special Interest in Climatology, at the Ekiti State University, EKSU, Wole Adebayo said the daily changes in weather conditions were due to winds and storms, while the seasonal changes were due to the earth revolving around the sun.

Professor Adebayo noted that the weather conditions often dictates the kinds of foods, fruits, variables available in a region and styles of dresses of the people, the designs of their buildings, and the health issues facing them among others.

The climatologist who explained that there was absolutely nothing could be done to make weather static or influence it to human taste, since it was natural.

Professor Adebayo said the present weather condition was good for farm produce such as palm oil, cashews and urged the people to adapt to the weather in their environment.

Some Residents of Ado Ekiti gave their opinions on the weather conditions.

A medical expert, Dr. Oladele Olatunya listed some of the prevalent health issues common during the dry season to include cough, diarrhea, meningitis, measles, asthma and skin rashes.

Dr. Olatunya noted that to prevent some of the diseases which could be easily contacted, people especially nursing mothers needed to be wary of their actions and embrace hygienic living.

The medical expert urged Nigerians irrespective of culture and religious beliefs to always dress well, allow enough ventilation in their rooms, eat balanced diet and desist from acts that could be injurious to their health.

Oriola Afolabi


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